Audi’s New In-Dash Traffic Light Technology

Driver assist technology is taking a small but practical jump forward with Audi’s launch of a traffic information feature that  is now available in select 2017 Audi A4, Q7 and all road models.  Part of the Audi connect system…the new feature is designed to help traffic flow and integrates vehicles with surrounding traffic light infrastructure.

“The launch of this technology is another in a long list of firsts for Audi that have positioned us as the industry leader in connectivity solutions…” ~ Scott Keogh, President,  Audi of America.

This new Traffic Light Information feature is a “vehicle to infrastructure” (V2I) tool designed help drivers in a practical everyday driving way…while helping Audi to innovate the driver experience and move it toward an autonomous future.  In fact, Audi is developing more infrastructure connected capabilities by growing relationships with the Google Earth mapping system and local retailers.

What does Audi’s traffic light feature actually do for drivers?

  1. Time to Green – Drivers pulling up to stop lights will now know how long until the light turns green.
  2. Speed Recommendation – that drivers should maintain to hit the most number of green lights and reduce time on-the-road.

Aiming for beneficial pragmatism as opposed to possible feelings of intrusiveness…Audi hopes to avoid alarming their customers about the quantity of information that their vehicles collect about them…as well as offering better traffic solutions and reducing congestion.

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