GFS Ultra XD Paint Booth

Johnny’s State of the Art – GFS Ultra XD – Paint Booth Technology

At Johnny’s Custom Auto Body (Gilroy, CA)…we choose only the highest quality…state of the art technology and equipment so we can deliver beautiful results to our customers…guaranteed!


  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE AIRFLOW CEILING – A classic design, the High-Performance Airflow ceiling (HPAC) is simple in its construction and concept, yet yields impressive performance.  A full-filtered ceiling provides excellent air filtration and contamination control, and the integrated hip-style ceiling lights illuminate where you need it most.
  • CONSISTENT AIRFLOW FROM PIT TO PLENUM – The GFS Ultra® XD paint booth is designed for consistent airflow throughout the booth. A large, two-foot high and full ceiling plenum builds sufficient air volume and allows for less static pressure. Diffusers in the plenum direct air leaving the heater and create even airflow throughout the plenum. Pit pans (metal plates with various size holes) balance the airflow from end to end.
  • SHADOW-FREE LIGHTING – GFS has designed all of our auto refinish paint booths with vertical sidewall lights and angled ceiling lights. The combination of the two allows the painter to move freely around the vehicle with less light interaction. This creates a virtually shadow-free environment, perfect for color matching and precise application of paint.
  • DUAL-SKIN INSULATED PANELS – GFS’ pre-coated, dual-skin insulated panels provide a smooth fit and finish with no exposed wires or cables. Insulated panels cut down on noise and reduce ambient heat outside of the booth, while keeping heated air inside the cabin.