Kia Forte for 2022 – News, Reviews and Muse

Is 2022 Kia Forte LXS a good compact sedan to buy? In this video I am checking out this freshly redesigned 2022 Kia Forte. Big thanks to Gettel Kia of Bradenton for providing this vehicle for review.
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2022 Kia Forte adds safety tech, bigger touchscreen in midcycle refresh – Roadshow

by Kyle Hyatt

Kia also adds a ton of new available safety tech and some EV6-like front-end styling.

For those of you who don’t speak fluent car industry, a midcycle refresh typically involves updating an existing model with some styling tweaks inside and out, some more tech and maybe a little more power. It’s not a whole new generation, but it’s different enough from the previous Kia Forte to be worth talking about.
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2022 Kia Forte – The Car Connection

by Martin Padgett
2022 Kia Forte

What kind of vehicle is the 2022 Kia Forte? What does it compare to? The Forte has a big cargo hold and room for five, but it’s not a crossover. The four-door rivals other sedans hanging on during the SUV onslaught; it’s aimed at cars like the Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic, and Toyota Corolla. Is the 2022 Kia Forte a good car? Yes…

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No One is Telling You the Truth About Hyundai and Kia, So I Have to – Scotty Kilmer

Hyundai and Kia review. No One is Telling You the Truth About This New Hyundai, So I Have to, DIY and truck review with Scotty Kilmer. Kia and Hyundai review. Buying a new Kia. Buying a new Hyundai? Buying a used Kia. Should I buy a Kia? Are Kias reliable? The truth about the Kia and Hyundai. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 53 years.

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The Truth About EV – Electric Vehilcles

Does increasing prominence of the electric car mean the end of DIY repairs? Let’s investigate and see just how much maintenance electric cars need and how that impacts your wallet.


We’ll also share some practical tips on how to care for your electric car. So hop in and let’s get going did you know that a conventional internal combustion engine can have as many as 2000 moving parts but an electric car has far fewer moving parts.  That’s because they have an electric motor instead of a gas powered motor. For example the drivetrain in an electric vehicle can have around 20 parts. So overall fewer moving parts means fewer mechanical problems. But… that doesn’t mean electric cars are maintenance free either. Electric cars have complex electrical components like power steering motors, AC pumps and high voltage relay banks.

So let’s look at the five most common maintenance issues for electric vehicles and their costs:

The battery pack in an electric car is like the heart of the vehicle. Taking care of it as you would care for the engine in a regular gas powered car is very important. Keep in mind also that the battery of an electric car is not the same battery that we’re used to seeing in a traditional car. In terms of function, the EVs motor does the work traditionally done by the internal combustion engine. To operate it needs the battery which powers it the battery is one of the most expensive parts of the electric vehicle.  In fact, it’s more expensive than the motor itself and its condition affects the residual value of the entire electrical vehicle. So that’s why it’s important to take care of the battery.  It’s good to keep in mind that it can get damaged if the vehicle is left in extremely hot or cold temperatures for too long or it can die completely. If you charge it too much or too often. Generally under normal driving conditions,  electric vehicle batteries last up to 10 years before they need to be replaced .

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Ford F-150 Raptor 2021 – News, Reviews & Muse

NEW Ford F-150 Raptor: FIRST DRIVE REVIEW – RoadShow

We flog Ford’s latest off-road F-150 in the Mojave desert to see how it stacks up against Ram’s TRX.


First drive review: 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor gets new shocks, still awes – MotorAuthority

by Joel Feder

2021 Ford F-150 Raptor

The 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor arrives in a new reality in which it’s not the most over-the-top pickup anymore. That fact doesn’t make the third-generation Raptor any less fun or extreme, and it doesn’t mean it can’t get more capable.
With a new coil-spring five-link rear suspension, more suspension travel, and smarter programming, the 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor heavily updates an already capable truck. But it’s the available 37-inch tires and standard 35-inchers that create internal drama for buyers when ticking the options boxes.

Ford flew journalists to Las Vegas, tossed us the keys to a 2021 F-150 Raptor, and sent us out to the Dumont Dunes OHV park in the searing desert heat to experience the capabilities of this over-the-top, Baja-inspired pickup.

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2021 FORD RAPTOR – First Drive POV – CP360 Culture

Ford created an off-road icon in 2009, introducing the first generation racing-inspired F-150 Raptor. Here’s the third gen 2021 F-150 Raptor ready to take it to the next level.

The New 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor Is Great — But It’s No TRX – Doug DeMuro

New 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor review! The new 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor is here, and it’s very cool — and very exciting. It’s incredibly capable, fast, and thrilling — and it still looks cool… but it’s no Ram TRX. Today I’m reviewing the 2021 Raptor and I’ll show you the quirks and features of this cool truck. I’m also going to drive the new Raptor and show you what it’s like on the road.

Why Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car is Futuristic

Let’s take a look at hydrogen fuel cell engines…how hydrogen cars work…how they differ from cars with internal combustion engines and from battery powered electric vehicles.


There are two ways to power a modern car:

  1. Internal combustion engine (ICE) = most cars today. ICEs burn petroleum-based fuel…generate heat and push pistons up and down to drive the transmission and the wheels
  2. Electric Vehicle (EV) – many people tend to think of the battery powered EV or BEV… like Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Bolt.  Battery-powered electric cars have already achieved a certain popularity more than two million of these cars are on the planet’s roads right now and networks of charging stations have been created for them in europe and the u.s.  Typically a battery EV doesn’t have an internal combustion engine fuel tank or exhaust pipe but relies on an electric motor.

Hydrogen cars are a type of electric car but with an entirely different electrical technology.  That’s right. It’s not about electricity consumption… but electricity production. Hydrogen car is a type of fuel cell vehicle or fcev fuel cells are like a cross between an internal combustion engine and battery power like an internal combustion engine they make power by using fuel from a tank but unlike an engine a fuel cell doesn’t burn the hydrogen instead it’s fused chemically with oxygen from the air to make water. The process somewhat resembles what happens in a battery. Electricity gets released and then used to power an electric motor to drive the car you can think of fuel cells like batteries that never run flat…but instead of slowly depleting the chemicals as in a normal battery fuel cells can run on a steady supply of hydrogen and keep making electricity as long as there’s hydrogen in the tank what are some of the practical differences between a battery-powered electric vehicle versus a hydrogen one


How to Change a Flat Tire – The Easy Way

Changing a flat tire is a job most people don’t want to do, but it happens anyway…and someone has to do it. Better to know how yourself, in case no one else is around. It can be alot easier to do than you might think.  This short video and a minute of reading can get you half way there.

Yes, roadside assistance coming to the rescue can be an easy way out.  But sometimes they don’t come as fast as you’d like.  So we’ll help you learn how to change a flat tire in less time than you probably think.

Changing a flat in 10 steps

  1. Secure the car on a flat surface out of traffic; chock the wheel in the opposite corner.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel with the car’s lug wrench.
  3. Place the car’s jack under the car where its label indicates.
  4. Jack up enough to get the wheel an inch or two off the ground.
  5. Finish loosening the lug nuts and remove the flat tire.
  6. Put the spare tire on.
  7. Thread the nuts on and tighten just enough to hold the wheel on without slop.
  8. Lower the jack so the car is back on the ground.
  9. Finish tightening the nuts with upper body strength on the lug wrench.
  10. Collect the flat, wrench, jack and anything you used to chock the car.



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Used Car Insights 2021

Here’s Why Used Car Prices are About to Plummet (Wait and Save Big) – Scotty Kilmer

Here’s Why Used Car Prices are About to Plummet (Wait and Save Big), DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Best time to buy a car. Cheap cars to buy. Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Chevy, and GM, do they still make good American cars and should you buy them now? Should I buy a car now? How to get a good deal when buying a car. Best new cars to buy this year. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 53 years.


Used Car Pricing Study Shows The Cars That Have Gained Value This Year – Jalopnik

by Tom McParland

You are probably sick of hearing about the steady rise in used car prices. It is very much a seller’s market right now so finding a value in a pre-owned car is a challenge. A recent study from reveals the models with the most dramatic price jump compared to last year.

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IIHS, Consumer Reports name safest used cars – The Car Connection

by Robert Duffer

Safety does not need to come at a steep price, according to the latest recommendations from Consumer Reports and the IIHS. The safest cars for teens, inexperienced drivers, or car shoppers keen on crash protection can still be affordable, despite sky-high used car prices, the organizations announced on Thursday.

“This list is intended to point buyers toward vehicles that excel in performance and reliability ratings from CR’s tests and survey data and earn high marks for crash protection and crash avoidance from IIHS while staying within a defined budget,” Jennifer Stockburger, director of operations at Consumer Reports Auto Test Center

Best Choices


Mazda 3 sedan or hatchback (2014 or newer; built after October 2013) $8,100
Toyota Prius (2014 or newer; built after November 2013) $8,600
Hyundai Elantra GT (2018 or newer) $15,200
Subaru Crosstrek (2017 or newer) $17,900
Honda Insight (2019 or newer) $18,200
Toyota Prius Prime (2017 or newer) $18,200
Toyota Corolla hatchback (2019 or newer) $18,300
Kia Niro (2019) $18,600
Subaru Impreza sedan or wagon (2019) $19,400


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Windshield Repair – How Technology is Complicating Glass

It used to be that you didn’t have to get a factory windshield (to replace an old one). That’s changing, because windshields now are coupled with high-tech driver assists and head-up displays…that often means a camera…Carefully calibrated to look out through this glass and get a very accurate image of the world outside or a head-up display projector down here on the dash.


That’s counting on a very carefully engineered region of the windshield to project an image that’s nice and crisp and not blurry or distorted.  And beyond that…Ford goes so far as to say this to repairers indicating that hud windshields any windshield equipped with a camera bracket or windshield glass equipped with adhesive moldings must be replaced any time the original glass is removed from the vehicle…NOT just when the original glass is actually damaged. This is a stark difference.

Aaron Schulenberg knows that well. He’s Executive Director of the Society of Collision Repair Specialists…the trade group for all those techs who put your cars back together after a collision…often involving replacement or repair of one of those high-tech windshields.

Today’s vehicles are very sophisticated and so you’re starting to see more consumer uh technologies in there…like advanced driver assistance systems which are often referred to as adas and they’re becoming really common on wide range of vehicles.

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Genesis X Electric Coupe – News, Reviews & Muse

Heard about the Genesis X Electric Coupe yet?  Here’s a good first dose:

To debut our all-electric Genesis X Concept coupe, we partnered with award-winning director Jason Bergh for a launch film like no other. One that imagines the future of California car culture. Dream along as our X Concept accelerates into the Los Angeles of tomorrow.


Genesis X Concept | First Look – Kelley Blue Book

Genesis invited us to see a “Global Product Debut” called the Genesis X concept. While light on details here’s what we know. This is Genesis’s idea of a fully electric grand touring car.

For the latest Genesis pricing and information:


Genesis X Concept: First Look (up-close details) – MOTOR!

We get our first look at the wild (and beautiful) Genesis X concept car. Built to show off future Genesis designs, the X shows where the brand’s cars are going. This car will likely never see public roads, but if it shows off what a future Genesis EV might entail, then sign us up…

How to Buy Insurance for Your Classic Car

Buying insurance can be almost as exciting as going to the dentist.  But since many classic car owners tend to be a little more emotionally involved with their “baby” than with the commuter car that gets them to work…it might be a more passionate endeavor when it comes to insuring them.

classic cars exotic cars

Here are the basic topics we’ll cover:

  • What is classic car insurance?
  • Top 5 classic car insurance companies
  • What qualifies as a classic car?
  • Coverage options available for classic cars
  • How to find the best classic car insurance

What is classic car insurance?

Classic auto insurance differs from a standard auto policy in a few ways. There are not only certain eligibility requirements for classic cars (which we’ll discuss below), but there are also key differences in how an insurance company pays out claims for these vehicles.

Unlike regular-use vehicles, classic cars appreciate in value over time rather than depreciate. To account for this, classic car insurance providers will often reimburse drivers with an agreed value in the event of an auto collision.

Usually, an agreed value takes into account the car’s value over time as well as interest and a professional appraisal of the vehicle. With regular car insurance, companies will only reimburse the vehicle’s replacement cost and deduct any depreciation.

Classic car insurance also has annual mileage restrictions. Since these specialty vehicles are only intended for occasional pleasure driving or auto shows, car insurers cap how many miles the vehicle can be driven per year. This also means that classic car owners are expected to have a separate vehicle for daily driving.

Top 5 classic car insurance companies

While a classic car insurance policy is often cheaper than standard auto insurance, choosing the right insurer is still an important decision. Whether you own a vintage Porsche 911, a hot rod or a muscle car, it’s a good idea to consider multiple insurance companies for your classic auto insurance coverage.

Below, we’ve outlined our top five picks for classic car insurance and collector car insurance. Most of these companies cover collector vehicles, antique cars and exotic cars as well.


1. Grundy Insurance                                                                 Unlimited                                                               8.5
2. Hagerty Insurance (Progressive)                                         Unlimited                                                                8.5
3. American Collectors Insurance (USAA)                                7,500                                                                     9.0
4. American Modern Insurance (GEICO)                                Unlimited                                                                7.0
5. Heacock Classic Insurance                                                     6,000                                                                   9.0


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Higher-Speed Crash Tests Show Real Weaknesses & Improvements Needed

Increasing your driving speed from 50 mph to only 56 mph… can be far deadlier than you realize…says a new study from IIHS and AAA.

It’s been a real safety conflict for decades: Drivers wanting to save time…vs. local transportation agencies wanting to improve traffic flow.   Posted speed limits on highways nationwide have been increasing…but the average vehicle’s ability to protect drivers in crashes struggles to keep pace.

Still much safer than vehicles made even 15 years ago…recent crash tests show that modern cars still have significant room for improvment…. But just because automakers made massive strides in structural integrity and airbag technology doesn’t mean the average car is invincible. This is precisely what a new study, published Thursday, from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and AAA found.

The groups looked at rising speed limits across the country and what it means for the average, modern car, which is about 12 years old in 2021. With a handful of 2010 Honda CR-V crossovers at their disposal, they crash tested them at incremental speed increases. First, a CR-V crashed at 40 mph and it held up well with minimal intrusions in the cockpit. Jumping to 50 mph, the vehicle showed “noticeable deformation” of the driver side door opening, dashboard and foot area. It’s precisely what you don’t want in the event of a crash as parts and components push inward and threaten occupants. Think of the cockpit, ideally, as a cocoon while the exterior crumples around it.


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