Windshield Repair – How Technology is Complicating Glass

It used to be that you didn’t have to get a factory windshield (to replace an old one). That’s changing, because windshields now are coupled with high-tech driver assists and head-up displays…that often means a camera…Carefully calibrated to look out through this glass and get a very accurate image of the world outside or a head-up display projector down here on the dash.


That’s counting on a very carefully engineered region of the windshield to project an image that’s nice and crisp and not blurry or distorted.  And beyond that…Ford goes so far as to say this to repairers indicating that hud windshields any windshield equipped with a camera bracket or windshield glass equipped with adhesive moldings must be replaced any time the original glass is removed from the vehicle…NOT just when the original glass is actually damaged. This is a stark difference.

Aaron Schulenberg knows that well. He’s Executive Director of the Society of Collision Repair Specialists…the trade group for all those techs who put your cars back together after a collision…often involving replacement or repair of one of those high-tech windshields.

Today’s vehicles are very sophisticated and so you’re starting to see more consumer uh technologies in there…like advanced driver assistance systems which are often referred to as adas and they’re becoming really common on wide range of vehicles.

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