Vehicle Battery Care for Winter

How to Make Sure Your Battery Always Starts Your Car – Roadshow


To begin, always work on batteries with some gloves…because batteries tend to attract a lot of real nasty greasy dirt on top of them and they can also have other sorts of corrosive chemicals that build up on the top depending on how poorly maintained yours is.

Then you want to grab a wrench and the first thing you want to know about using wrenches around batteries is don’t lay them on the battery this is basically a metal conductive bar if it’s long enough this one isn’t quite but if it is it’ll arc this terminal to this terminal or this one to body metal and then you’re going to see some fireworks. Your household outlets have what 15 or 20 amps coming out of them. This thing has hundreds of amps available from it. you don’t want to arc this to anything. So keep tools off it start by loosening up the black or negative terminal, whenever you work on a battery. It’s just the nature of these things. And then put that aside so it’s not going to flop back over and reconnect itself through cable memory then you undo the positive side.

Notice it doesn’t take a lot of force because it should not have taken a lot of force to tighten these things. And i’m going to secure that over there. Now my terminals are available, I put my wrench away from the battery lift off what should be these little felt protectors that also help prevent corrosion. Now mine are in good shape. So I’m going to reuse these but if yours are all full of acid or that crusty stuff that grows or maybe not there at all you either obviously need a new set or need to replace the ones you’ve got.

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