2013 Off-Road Racing

Here’s what we (at Johnny’s Custom Auto Body) do on the weekends:

BITD BlueWater Desert Challenge - Offroad Racing(Photo credit: Race-Dezert.com)

Yep, that’s our red truck! We ended up breaking down late in the race after leading both days. The race was held in Parker, AZ…October 11- 13, 2013.

Check out this great dramatic video below…especially the blue Voss MotorSports truck. It’s another great example of our body shop craftsmanship…and we do several makeovers each year for the Voss team. Great off road racing competitors! If we could just get ’em to give us some link love back and a nice review on Google+ …it would almost make losing the race worthwhile.

Best in the Desert concluded its two day race in Parker, AZ with 146 miles of racing spread across two days. Two finishing times from each day were combined to crown one champion in each of the five races. It was a well oiled machine, the three lap desert sprint that featured jumps, sandy whoops, the infamous Parker Python infield section, and open Arizona desert. Rob MacCachren proved to be too much to handle in his #6 Rock Star Energy Trick Truck, beating out nineteen other trucks in the Blue Water Desert Challenge on his path to total off-road domination. Here (above) are the highlights from two days of racing.