PA Body Shop’s Heroic Stand – ‘Insurance Companies Are…Really Bad”

It’s no secret that independent auto body repair shops are at constant war with the ‘too big to fail’ insurance companies. We battle them every day here at Johnny’s Custom Auto Body and know first hand.

This Pennsylvania independent body shop owner lets consumers know exactly how he feels about the insurance industry.  Ron Perretta, owner of Professionals Auto Body in central Pennsylvania, urges consumers to avoid DRP shops in a YouTube spot titled, “Dishonest Insurance Companies.”

“Everyone knows how dishonest insurance companies are, short-cutting repairs by using junkyard and imitation parts, wanting to repair parts that should be replaced, and pushing hard to use their contracted shops that work for the insurance companies, not consumers,” ~ Ron Perretta 

Perretta, who started the business in 1979, reminds consumers that they have the right to choose which shop repairs their collision-damaged vehicles.

“Insurance companies are bad, really bad…They think they can kick you around until you do what they want, like they do their contracted shops.” ~ Ron Perretta (our Hero!)

Progressive and State Farm are “the worst for short-cutting repairs” Perretta states…and recommends a local Erie, PA Auto Insurance company which has high J.D. Powers customer satisfaction ratings for five (5) years straight.

Then Peretta continues: “Dump these companies that try to bully you and push you around.” .

Finally, the pièce de résistance…an adaptation from a famous Paul Harvey speech. Get your tissue box, the press Play.

pièce de résistance

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