Long Lost ‘Bullitt’ Mustang Found in Mexicali Junkyard

Love those classic car chase scenes from the 70’s?  The French ConnectionGone in 60 Seconds…and yes, the legendary racing enthusiast…Steve McQueen in Bullitt…shot right here in San Francisco.  That 1968 Mustang GT that McQueen did most of the stunt driving in is about as iconic as they come. It was found just across the California border in a Mexicali, Mexico junkyard…and was confirmed authentic by the most respected Ford authenticator in the field.

Voted a top 10 most legendary cars in Hollywood history was actually one of two Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT’s used in the Bullitt movie: one kept clean and crisp for the chase scenes wall all know and love…and another that did most of the stunt dirty work in those infamous chase scenes. It was that stunt double that many thought so battered and bruised during the movie…that caused it to get scrapped for junk years ago.

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