Genesis X Electric Coupe – News, Reviews & Muse

Heard about the Genesis X Electric Coupe yet?  Here’s a good first dose:

To debut our all-electric Genesis X Concept coupe, we partnered with award-winning director Jason Bergh for a launch film like no other. One that imagines the future of California car culture. Dream along as our X Concept accelerates into the Los Angeles of tomorrow.


Genesis X Concept | First Look – Kelley Blue Book

Genesis invited us to see a “Global Product Debut” called the Genesis X concept. While light on details here’s what we know. This is Genesis’s idea of a fully electric grand touring car.

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Genesis X Concept: First Look (up-close details) – MOTOR!

We get our first look at the wild (and beautiful) Genesis X concept car. Built to show off future Genesis designs, the X shows where the brand’s cars are going. This car will likely never see public roads, but if it shows off what a future Genesis EV might entail, then sign us up…