Loyal Customers During COVID19 – Thank You Gilroy CA ! – Johnny’s Custom Auto Body (408) 848-2826

Many Thanks and Much Gratitude for our Loyal Customers during COVID-19!   Thank You Gilroy, […]

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Sunglasses for Driving…Really?

Especially if you are accustomed to wearing normal vision/reading glasses… you may have wondered if […]

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johnny's custom auto body - essential business open

A message from Johnny’s Custom Auto Body on COVID-19

To: Our Valued Johnny’s Custom Auto Body Customers From: Your Johnny’s Custom Auto Body Team […]

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orange 2020 Acura NSX on high speed curve

Acura NSX for 2020 – News, Reviews & Muse

Going the distance: From road trip to race track, the Acura NSX is built for […]

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side view 2020 Chevrolet Spark hatchback - Lowest Priced New Cars for 2020

Lowest Priced New Cars for 2020

New cars today have an average transaction price of about $37,000.  Seem high?  Many shoppers […]

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red side view of 2016 Ford F-650 Supertruck

Ford’s $150,000 Super Truck: F-650

The Ford F-650 is one of the largest pickup trucks on the planet.  Almost everyone […]

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2015 Toyota Mirai fuel cell sedan (right-hand side Japanese version)

4 Top Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

Being able to generate electricity with water as the byproduct sounds like a great design […]

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Vettes vs Stangs – 2019 Head to Head

Almost everyone would agree that Mustang vs Camaro is THE  classic Ford-Chevy muscle-car rivalry.  But […]

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collision repair gilroy ca - johnny's custom auto body

Show & Shine – 9/19/19 @5:30PM – Johnny’s Custom Auto Body

Show & Shine Car Show – Thur. 9/19/19 @ 5:30pm – Johnny’s Custom Auto Body […]

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blue ford raptor in off-road race mode

Top 10 Off-Road Trucks on the Planet

10 Best Off-Road Trucks in the World – SPOTLIGHT  . TOYOTA TACOMA TRD PRO […]

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2019Ford F-150 driving along waterway

Ford F-150 Electric Style

Watch an Electric Ford F-150 Prototype Tow 1.25 Million Pounds – MotorTrend Ford has mentioned […]

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tire being changed by professional woman

Tire Myths You Should Know

Your vehicle’s tires have a huge functional impact on its braking, handling and overall ride […]

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close up of Harley Davidson - Livewire - 2019

5 Eagerly Awaited EVs (non-Tesla) Coming Soon

Believe it or not…there are already 40 EV (electric vehicle) and plug-in hybrid models that […]

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distracted driving awareness month flyer

Distracted Driving Awareness Month – Smart Dogs?

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month Love ’em or Hate ’em (and believe us, we’ve […]

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Professional Car Detaling on site

Car Detailing Tips

For the next level of clean and pristine appearance for your vehicle…way beyond washing and […]

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Rich Rebuilds – The Rogue Tesla Mechanic

In the spirit of the Independent Auto Body Shop…we discovered a man named Rich Benoit…a […]

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side view of silver grey 1969 chevy pickup on deserted road

Do You Love Your Truck?

Well just how much DO you really love your truck?  Depending on your true enthusiasm […]

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rivian ev suv - truck at lake side

L.A. Autoshow 2018 – News, Reviews & Muse

Jeep pickup confirmed for 2018 LA auto show – MotorAuthority by Jeff Glucker Jeep is finally […]

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A #SmallThanks from Johnny’s Custom Auto Body to YOU!

A #SmallThanks from Johnny’s Custom Auto Body to YOU! You made us feel really special […]

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screenshot of connected car definition

Your Car Knows More About YOU Than You Think

Whether you realize it or not, the latest vehicles being sold by car makers are […]

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